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As a guitarplayer I was allways interested in the saxophone. Not only as a musical instrument but just being an art object as well. The various chatgroups about the different marks and sometimes obscure builders helped me a lot! For contact:

Friday, August 11, 2006


Normally I wouldn't start a presentation of an instrument
with a particular shot of a specific part but I simply like this
photo. It shows the near mint condition of this saxophone.
It has been built around 1934 - 1935 anfd though a while
after Julius Keilwerth left the company to start his own
business some features on instruments of both makers appear
to be identical.

These saxophones are sturdy built instruments and de
history of this company shows us a lot of ups and downs.
Kohlert even produced a while for H.G. White, an americain
based company. This saxophone has been built for the
french market. There are links with B&S and the Keilwerth
company as well. In present times the markname Kohlert
has been reintroduced into the market but these instruments
are cheap instruments produced in the far East and can not be
compared with the earlier well built saxophones.
Though there is no elaborate engraving on this saxophone
it has a microtuner neck, rolled toneholes and pearl inlays.
It also has a bit of the Aristocrat Buescher looks but good
designs were often copied from one another.
The left pinky keys are remarkable identical to Julius
Keilwerth instruments of the same time. Take a
look at for detailed pictures of the Keilwerth
instruments. It has been said allready that even after
J.K. started his own company parts of the instruments
were made for the rivalling company and even
whole instruments.

By clicking on this picture you are able to see that this
instrument has been made for a music dealer in
Paris though the name of Kohlert still was there.
Confusing may be that there's a company named
Köhler as well.
The rolled toneholes can be clearly seen.
The microtuner neck of the V. Kohlert as was common
on instruments of other manufacturers as well.
Conn, Pierret and Malerne to name a few.


The Pierret "Super Artiste"
Though Pierret never was a forerunner regarding
new inventions, they are sturdy built instruments
that really speak easily.


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